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In a world of constant visual stimulation, it’s hard to find the much needed times of peace. Those moments of silence that heal the soul are rare. Not too long ago, you could leave your home and not have a phone attached to you. The sound of chatter only occurred if you were actually talking to someone else. Interacting with others meant living your life in full view and not hidden behind a device. You didn’t have to worry about your crazy relatives and their Facebook posts…heck, you could just hide them from sight and nobody knew.

Times change. We start to search for that inner calm in more of the noise. We get lost. We can’t hear.

For me, peace has always been through the lens of a camera. One of my favorites, an old Rolleiflex, has proven to be one of the best counselors I know. She may be older, but let me tell you, she’s beautiful.

She sounds like nobody else. She listens and responds to every movement. Her will is strong and her classic lines make you fall in love with every glance. Just her very touch brings about peace.

I used to worry that photographing with her would bring about unwelcome guests. That people would want to question me and ask if I had lost my way or forgotten what year it was. Sadly, that’s not the case. People are too involved in their devices and updating their status to really care. They don’t have time to actually look someone else in the eye because they are too busy tending to a virtual farm. They hold in their hand a device that should have simplified their life yet, has taken them hostage.

We’ve forgotten about simplicity. We no longer know what interaction is. We are surrounded by a world of noise. We surrender the ability to love others because we are too busy loving ourselves. Peace is not to be found.

We need…simplicity. We need the ability to hear ourselves think and to interact with others. We need to stop hiding behind devices and crushing candy all day.

The old Rollei is that simplicity for me. The sound of the mechanical movement as the film advances, the way the image looks as you peer down into the viewfinder and not to mention the final image produced. Purely simplistic and magical.

A dance unlike any other. Thinking it may be time to dance with her again.

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