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r e s s u r e c t i o n

*This page is not populated yet with work. This is simply the idea and direction I'd like for this page to go.


The darkness of addiction often robs the soul of light. It rips the life from the very heart that beats within. Yet, somehow people rise from the ashes and live again. They are true inspirations to all of us. 

They prove that there can be life after the chaos of addiction. 

Portrait of Smiling Man

John Doe

John spent 16 years on the streets. His drug of choice was methamphetamine. As addiction wrapped it's fingers around every aspect of John's life, he struggled to breathe. He gave up. His addiction robbed him of his wife and small child. After years had passed, it was only through the outstretched hand of local street pastor that he was able to find freedom. 

Portrait of Smiling Man
Portrait of a Woman

Jane Doe

Jane spent the majority of her teen years trapped in the madness of prostitution. Drug addiction led her down very dark and lonely roads. She walked away from her family and turned her back on everyone she knew. In the end, they too, abandoned Jane. 

Today, Jane can smile once again. Today, she has silenced the demons that danced within. 

Today, she wears her new life proudly. 

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