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Residential Neighbourhood


Westwood Drive is a large street that makes a "U" shape. Between each end are several other streets. Often getting discouraged by living in a rural setting, Westwood has become a focal point for a personal project. Spending the spring, summer, and fall months on bicycle or walking, I am setting out to document the life that is on display in this small community. By focusing on connecting with others, I hope to present a finished project that demonstrates the vibrant life of the Westwood community. 


Westwood will be photographed on one of a handful of film cameras, including a Rolleiflex 2.8e and a pair of Nikon SP rangefinders. One of the SP's is a true gem. It was owned by Life Magazine photographer Bob Peterson. Bob recorded several images and covers through the old heavily brassed body. By utilizing the SP, life will once again be documented through this historic camera. 

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